Our Plan

Twenty-two houses in Old Syaphru Bensi will be constructed by local residents incorporating house reconstruction guideline given by Ministry of Urban Development. Residents will also receive land-measuring and mapping assistance from a Kathmandu-based civil engineer, found with the help of Rasuwa Relief.

Conceptual House design by architect (Lakpa Sherpa) from Rasuwa Relief

Conceptual House design by architect (Lakpa Sherpa) from Rasuwa Relief

Residents are already busy clearing debris from their lands, salvaging useful materials, and crushing rocks to create crushed stone aggregate for later construction. When rebuilding begins in March, they will be responsible for the actual construction of their houses and the cost of labor hired for this purpose.

two room model 1

Your donations will go towards the purchase of essential raw materials such as cement, metal reinforcement bars, corrugated galvanized iron sheeting, ply wood, sand, etc.

material required

Material required for the reconstruction of each house











The Old Syaphru Bensi Reconstruction and Management Team, comprised of locally-nominated residents, has agreed on the following timeline for this project:

recon timelieme

We estimate that the materials required for construction of each house will cost $3500, leaving us with a total fund-raising goal of $$77000. Please help us reach our goal by making a much-needed and much-appreciated donation .

THANK YOU! Your kind help is much appreciated!

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